What to focus – Positivity or Negativity

Everything has at least two ways of thinking or two aspects to think about:

Positive & Negative

Both are equally important to understand what exactly the whole meaning is, What is going on, What to do & How!!

If the positivity builds you and boosts you up, then negativity strenghtens your will, make you take decisions in worse situations, making you a pro in life, for sure.

So, Utilise everything according to the situation, sometimes the Positivity works, sometimes the Negativity does.
Just looking onto now-a-day’s situation, where you are hearing the negativity everywhere, and getting frightened, while some are taking it as bread-butter, they have a next level of positivity.

So, Which one to focus more for yourself because you have to make your mind, your will strong in this chaotic situation?

Let me help you with some data facts!!
These are not my data, but the actual live data from trusted source.

For those who are terrified, who are taking it as their last days, and taking so much pressure on mind, please calm down a bit my friend. Your strongest weapon against anything bad is your mind, keep it strong please.
Yes I know, In INDIA over 4 lacs 14 thousand people tested as COVID positive yesterday only, but over 3 lacs 28 thousand have recovered too, roughly calculated as approx 80% recovery rate is there!! Your stress do nothing but just weakens your body, So be positive a bit more, be strong, keep mental piece, let medicines and your body work internally to fight the disease.

For those who are taking it very lightly, and roaming around the markets, roads without any essential need because they haven’t got it yet, so
Let me clear you guys, around 4 thousand people have lost the fight against the disease only yesterday and till now over 2 lacs 34 thousand have died due to this.

So, just thing about it negatively that it might affect you and your loved ones. Don’t take risk with your lives.

Negativity is also important in limited dosage. So, Please do understand the seriousness & contribute all to get over this situation.



Why Farmers need Justice?

Hello guyss, I’m here again with you on a discussion of a very important topic on “The backbone of our country”, or I say the whole world.
Yeah, You got it right, I am talking about the Farmers, The backbone of a country’s economy, the primary content of development, etc.
They are our “feeders” who pump up the people and make them ready to do different activities which induces country’s development directly or indirectly.
But in addition of these, they are the most unprivileged ones of the society, as the society only consumes food, not make them.
Real efforts are at the fields, from nourishing seeds into crops, not in buying them from the market and cooking. And, this is a face of our society from earlier days.
Despite of having many rules and laws, they are still deprived of those privileges. And the most factual point is that, “the middle-man exploits them the most”.
Yes, They grow crops, but have not so much time to sell them in Mandis at their own, as they have to prepare their fields for the next season too in order to get capital/money to buy seeds for the next season and they can’t sell all their crops at once in Mandis. Neither they are much wealthy and powerful to have a place at Mandis and indulge in market.
So, The middle-man buy the crops from them at large scale, and they offer very less price as comparable to the market price, and there is no any way for a farmer other than selling all of the crops at once, as they need the money for the next season. And, that crops will be in mandis at higher cost.
It means, even if the prices are very much high at the market, as we witnesses sometimes, like Onion priced at Rs 100-120/kg, Potatoes at Rs 50/kg, Our farmers are not getting those money. All that money goes to the middle-man, and it not help farmers at all. In actual, it affects them badly, making them more deprived in the society.
Middle-man are those Vegetable stockers, companies or supermarket who deliver the veggies or fruits at you home, or in malls at a lower price than mandis and making themselves attractive with the discounts on purchasing stuffs like 5% discount on purchase of Rs 500 at once, type offers.
And, there is nothing bad in purchasing that, but at least think once, if you buy those stuffs from a vegetable seller at mandi for Rs 500, He could get at least an average livelihood, food to his children.
Isn’t it an irony, Those who generate crops/foods are lacking of it.
We have to ensure that, we should support small farmers and vendors, who sell their stuffs in mandis, rather than ordering veggies from a mart.
You will definitely get fresher veggies there, and yess free dhaniyaa too.
Hahah, I mean to say that ordering veggies from mart should be only done at urgency, when we cannot go out and visit mandis, but Supporting farmers and local vendors should be our priority.
And, if possible, we should not force heavy bargains to them.
I definitely not be in any loss if i buy potatoes at Rs 20/kg instead of Rs 19/kg, but maybe he loses a rupee per kg if I bargain too much.
So, we should try to support them even in small units, it will matter a lot to them.
The farmers are protesting against the farmer bill, it is their right to raise their voice. But political parties indulge in this too, and it then starts defaming our farmers’ peaceful protests.
I just want our government to take strict actions on those Vegetable stockers, who provide less prices to farmers and get their benefits on their own, which is the main reason of farmers’ problem.
The actions should be taken on ground level at a very important aspect, laws only on paper will not work now.
At Delhi Border, some are providing pizzas to them. But, i want to tell them, They are here only to have their rights, not tasty foods, so this is not a type of support, rather they can pledge to support them at market level. Providing pizzas could not be any way beneficial for them, but it might defame their efforts.
If you really want to contribute or support them, just do those things through which they can get be benefitted.
I prefer not bargaining too much from small vendors and buy veggies from local vendors, its my way of supporting them from my earliest time.
Please do comment your way of supporting the backbone of our country.
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If i have missed any point here, please add some from your knowledge.

Thanks for reading❤️
Take care, See you soon🌃



Hey guys,

I’m here again with you on the prosperous day of our independence.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Independence Day🇮🇳

The whole world know that INDIA has gained its independence on 15th August, 1947 after a very long British rule. And, we celebrate this day with very much passion and love every year for 73 long years, but are we really independent?

Did you ever think on your own, Do you feel fully independent or its just a myth?

According to me, We are fully independent only in records, but not in reality.
We are still being slaved by a lot of things, lets take few examples;
Religion & Caste discrimination, Poverty, Old development ideas, Corruption, etc.
We are just engaged in these evils from early times, and we are not setting us free from these.

These are our path-stoppers in becoming an Independent & successful INDIA.

Yes, we are doing great in many sectors and fields, but lagging in a lot more sectors which directly affects our development.

Can you guess, why we use “has” with INDIA, but not “have”, Because INDIA is always been a singular, It denotes our unity, our singularity and our brotherhood.

As INDIA is always been a country of diversity, having a lot of variations in people on the basis of religion, status of living, thoughts, rituals and a lot more. This is not a shortcoming of INDIA, its just the beauty of INDIA, that despite having lots of variations or i say, Diversity in people, we are considered as a singular family called INDIA.

INDIA was always meant to be like this, But, some people use these variations to differentiate us and tell us that we are backwards, minority & we must fight with others to get power etc.

So guyss, we can think like this, wherever a group exists, there always been different strengths of people whose thoughts are same, a group must have a greater number, while another must have lesser number.

So, it is so obvious of having majority and minority in any group of people. But they made it like a topic to show us that we are different, someone is deprived while someone is privileged, because it helps them personally in gaining a faith of a particular community to him.

It is not a leadership, in my words, Its just a dirty manipulation against the unity of our country.

The real leadership is when one leads a group and help them raising their voice where they need, but here what we see, They first make us feel deprived, show some sympathy to us, gain our faith and then brainwash us to make us needy.
This is like a business for them, which build their career and make them more powerful.

The people who get affected by these, are not so much aware about the facts of INDIA, and society. They are a sort of innocent and subservient, who can be easily manipulated by some crook people.

Its our duty, the responsible Indians’ to not get manipulated against our unity & to hold all in a single thread of connection, INDIA.

We were singular, we are & we will be, Just United as an INDIAN.

Raising voice is a different thing, in fact it is a quality of Indian Democracy. But, Violence in the name of protests has become a popular act to do these days.

We have stucked in these few stuffs and not focusing on a country’s prospective. That’s because we expect a lot of things, but offer very little. If we want a change, we have to be it.
We should not just wait for the better opportunities coming to us, but grab and make an opportunity best for us.

We are INDIANS, we pledged to be united and together.

Stay Safe|Take Care|Keep smiling

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See you all in the next one!!!


What after COVID-19?

Hey Guys,
I’m here with a new topic over COVID-19 Outbreak, As we all are badly affected by this pandemic, and we are locked in our houses, So it’s a great time to write a blog on it.

Today, I’ll talk about the affects of this Pandemic over different sectors, specially the Education System.
So, Let’s start…

COVID 19, A pandemic outbreak for the whole world which affected every community, class, religion. It is associated with deadly Corona-virus that can easily transmit among people through any social activity like handshake, hug, etc. It mainly affects the respiratory system in our body and is likely to develop in those people who are formerly diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer.
Neither  any exact treatment nor any vaccine is available for it till now, and due to this reason, It has been spreading rapidly among many countries to numerous people. There is nothing to prevent it from, except Social distancing as introduced few months ago. If we not communicate socially, it’s transmission can be prevented.
For this purpose only, Lockdown is introduced to many countries to conquer this pandemic. But, this is not an exact solution for it, We have to make ourselves aware of its transmission and prevent it at our own level. The lockdown is continuously followed for approximately 2 months, and badly affected our Country, and even the whole world in many sectors such as Economy, Health, Operations & Executive, and mostly the Education system.

Education system is a very planned and continuous process which has to be unaffected from anything, because It is  the backbone of our society.

It is  associated with youngters and kids of our society, which are basically the future of society. It has affected many competitive exams, academics & sessions. Due to this lockdown, Everything has stopped and discontinued, despite of having online learning classes offered to students. Online learning is a good platform for students to continue their studies even in this lockdown, but there are some aspects which are far away and untouchable by online learning till now such as lack of class routine, environment, proper interaction with teachers, activities and a lot more. This also has no reach to every community and class, that’s why It is not a long-term solution. But this is the only way to continue education system without collapsing.
After the lockdown ends, Everything will be practised but they have some major affects due to this pandemic, All processes will have slowed down. And, Education system will be one of the most affected sectors of our country. Academic sessions will be late, Exams may be delayed, and a single disturbed session may disturb the next sessions if not properly planned. It will be very difficult for academic students to continue their studies with disturbed session, they will have an unknown pressure of irregularity. It may affect the studies and even the results. Students and teachers will have to be more active to let this session on track, so that it couldn’t disturb the next sessions. They have to complete the whole syllabus in lesser time with a little more pressure.
Now, let’s talk about it in more detail. Firstly, for the primary students, This lockdown is like a unplanned  vacation in which they will not be serious on their studies. They treat it like a privilege to stay at home as they have not very much knowledge about the continuity of the studies. In the previous sessions, they all got promoted by the schools without any examination. This may affect their mind in a wrong way, They may think that without giving any examination they can be easily promoted the next time also. And we all know examination is all about testing you that you have learnt and  qualified the lsst class. Without examination, their basic knowledge get affected so they have more issues in the upcoming classes as they have to study and understand the topics that they have missed. So, this is an additional task for the teachers to make them understand the previous topics after the lockdown.
The secondary and senior secondary students have the most affected scenario post covid outbreak. They have the most organised study planning and it got affected due to this lockdown. Besides having online classes, they are getting many difficulties in understanding the subject and the topics as they cannot discuss it with the teachers at all, Internet connectivity and smartphones are not available to every class or community due to which there is a loop hole in the system. The boards examination of matriculation and intermediate students got posponded due to this outbreak. This affected their mental health a lot because they have prepared for it for a long time and now they have to wait more for it. Also, most of them planned to compete in the competitive exams like JEE, NIFT, NEET, CLAT and these too got posponded. Due to the uneven examination schedules, they could not prepare for these competitive exams in an organised way. It will affect their future planning and they may got depressed. Similarly, the admissions of higher education streams will be affected, because it may be difficult for the students to plan and choose their future streams.
For the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate students, this lockdown is like a path-breaker in their academics. They too got affected a lot due to this outbreak. Their lectures, site-visits, practical operations, thesis could not be practiced online, and also the internships got affected. For them, the further competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, State PSC, Judiciary got posponded and they will not get proper time to plan for these exams. This uneven and delayed sessions affect the operations and executive sectors also.
Since, having a long time with this outbreak, This is not confirmed yet when it will end. Earlier it was introduced as Epidemic, that affect a particular area widely and rapidly then it got updated to Pandemic, that affects the whole world very widely and rapidly. There is a chance of it being an endemic, which means, It will not be cured at all, we have to survive with it just like HIV-AIDS, Malaria, Chicken pox. We have to use prevention methods like using Mask, practice social distancing if not needed, using sanitisers, eat sanitised food etc.
We have to be aware of the deadliness of this virus and be ready to face it with all conservative methods.
So, It is all interconnected with the development of our country. If the education system got affected, all other sectors will get affected. The country will get slowed down after this outbreak. It is a great responsibility of each and every person to contribute in Nation-buliding with their heart. We have to be concerned about our basic service providers, small businessmen, farmers, as they have become a base to our country during this lockdown. We have to promote “Made in India” products, specially the small/local companies’ products to support them. If we will be united for our people, Everything will be alright and we, the INDIA will stand ahead in the World for all.
PREVENT Illness, not the Ill people! Please, CARE for them…
Thank you

COVID19 – What is so serious about it?

Hello Readers,

Greetings of the Day!!
Today, we’ll discuss about a very serious topic, The devasting Epidemic “COVID-19”, We need to be aware so that We can fight against it globally.
Aaj is topic ko mai ‘Hinglish’ me discuss krungaa, jisse ki sblog smjh pae…
Agr readers ki request aati h to ise English me bhi post krunga main…
To sbse phle hum jante kyaa hai iske baare me??
Yaa fir main puchu to, Aapne suna kya hai iske baare me Whatsapp, Facebook ya News channels pr?
Sirf kuch hi log hai jinhone apna personal time ispr diya hoga ar iske baare me trusted sources pr pdha hoga ya research kiya hogaa…
Trusted sources ka mtlb hai, Aise websites/articles jo educated aur professional medical authors ne likha hai, ya post kiya hai…
Aap WHO ke website pr visit kr skte hai, trusted facts ke liye.
Aaj kl ke time me log apne mobile phones me itna jyada involved hai ki, Unhe farq nai prtaa ki kya shi hai kya glt, Whatsapp/Facebook ne share ka feature diya hai to bs sbko krdena hai share…
Aise fake news bahot tezi se failti hai, jisse bahot saare myths aur misconceptions ban jate hai…
To kam se kam aap sb smjhdaar logon se ye expect kr skta hu ki, 
Aap thora jaagruk bane, Bina verify kre aap whatsapp pr koi bhi post ya news share nai kre…
Chaliye to ab aate hai, Iske un pehluwo pr jiske baare me baatein nai ho rii hai…
Human Coronavirus sbse phle 1965 me introduce hua tha us tym ye bilkul common tha, jisne mainly bachhon ko affect kiya aur isse respiratory infections hoti thi, Fir ispr bahot saare researches hone lge, aur ye aur jyada complex hota gya, aage chalkar iska effect aur bhi badhta gya…
Abhi jo hm face kr rhe hai iska naam “COVID-19” ya “Novel Coronavirus” hai, Ye China ke Wuhan city me first detect kiya gya, Aur Virus ka ye form itna jyada complex hai ki Iska cure dhundhna bahot muskil hai, aur bahot researches ho rhe h ispr, Hope jldi se jldi ye release ho, aur is epidemic ko control liya ja ske, Iske liye har ek ka ye farz hai ki wo ise control krne me help kre…
Ab baat krte h ki Jbtk iska cure na mil jae, tbtk hmari responsibility kya hai, Kaise hame ek good citizen ki tarah rehna hoga!!
Sblog baatein kr rhe hai ki ye krna hai, wo krna hai…
Wo bhi bina soche smjhe manna bewkoofi hai, At least uske piche ka logic pta krna jruri hai…
Main use aapke liye clear kiye deta hu,

1. Mask
“Mask” ek bahot hi useful tool hai daily life ke liye,
Hm sb ye to jante hi hai ki, specially jo Cities hai, wha pollution bahot jyada hai
To ise lgakr bahar jana ek daily activity hona chahiye, jb bhi hm ghar se bahar jae, Jaha traffic ya pollution ho, To ise lgane se safe reh skte h… Haan to is virus se precaution ke liye kaha tk shi hai ise lgana…
Ye tb use krna ekdm jruri h jb kisi infected person ka care kr rhe ho, ya Aapko koi symptoms dikhe like Cough, Fever etc.
Mask lagane se additional fayda ho skta hai, but sirf mask lgana utna jruri saabit nai hoga, aisa isliye kyunki Virus indirect contact se jyada failta hai, Public transport me ya clothes ya koi articles se…
Agr koi infected person in cheezon ko use kre, to virus in cheezon pr reh jate h, Jo baad me Aap aur mere use krne ya contact me aane pr hmare me transmit ho jate hai…
To directly chances km hai, but ha Mask lgana daily jruri hai…
2. Using Sanitizer
Sanitizer ek alcohol-based liquid hai, jise use krne ke baad Paani ki jrurt nai hoti…
Jiske karan ye aap kbhi bhi use kr skte hai,.like Office phuchte hi, kisi se haath milane ke bad, khane ke phle, Meeting ke phle ya baad me, iske liye aapko washbasin dhundhne ki jrurt ani h..
Isliye ye recommend kiya ja rha h, but dhyan rkhiye khana khane ke phle, ya ghar pahuchte hi, sbse phle haath achhe se dhoe, soap aur water se…
Jisse sb dhul jae, ar uske baad hi aankh muh ya naak touch kre, kyunki ye wo mediums hai jinse ye hmare body me enter kr skte hai…
Dusri cheez ghar aakr sbse phle kapde change krle, taaki agr aapke clothes pr virus present bhi ho, to wo body me transmit nai ho pae.
Ye “Social Distancing” aur “Self Isolation” ka hindi version hai…
Ye bahot jyada jruri hai kyunki INDIA ek populous country hai, Yhaa Auto/Bus/Train, Yha tak ki Metro me bhi bahot bheed hoti hai…
Jisse agr ek bhi infected person ho to, Uske contact me aane se baaki log bhi infected ho skte hai, Fir unlogon se unke ghar waale infected ho skte hai, Jaha jyada risk old ages waalon ko hai…
To is curfew se public places, transport me bheed km hogi to km se km transmission hoga, to control krna easy hogaa…
Aur aisa bilkul bhi nai hai ki 23rd March ke subah se sb normal ho jaegaa, So hme tb bhi waise hi dhyan rkhna hai jaise abhi rkh rhe hai…

Jrurt na ho to bahar na jae, Work from Home kre, Crowdy places me na jae

To ye isliye hai ki log ghar me rehne ka aadat daal le, kyunki aage kuch weeks ya mahino tk aisi situation ho skti hai ki ghar me hi rehna pre…
4. Clapping together
Ye jo activity hai, wo hmare Unity ko dikhati hai, Jb croro log eksath ek kaam krenge to hmare andar jo positivity aaegi, unity & brotherhood ka ehsaas hogaa, Usse hm aware rhenge aur jo log hmare liye services de rhe h unhe respect de…
Agr possible ho to delivery boys ko tip de de, Security staffs ko help kre check in me, Koi symptoms aae to doctor se consult kre checkup krae, ghabrae nai, bahot se log hai jinhone isse recover kr liya h…
To aap bhi kr skte ho…
Precautions le, Apni immune system bdhae, Family time spend kre, Khush rhe, Safe rhe…
Apne relatives friends ko share kre, jisse ki wo smjh pae saari baat ko, Ye bahut jruri hai…
Do not share fake news, Always verify at your own end!!
Like it if you get something beneficial in this blog.
Take care, See you soon…

RULES – For whom??

Hey Readers,
Welcome to my new blog!!
Let’s discuss something about current scenario of our country.
So, the latest hot topic is none other than “New RTO rules”
You got in terror, right!!
Keep your helmets, DL, etc with yourself all the time.
“Suchna JANHIT me Jaari”
So, You are enjoying the new RTO rules, Aren’t you?

“Is this a right decision or not?”

If I ask this question to all of you, Maybe I’ll get the common answers from you.
People have become “AYM(angry young men)” in few days after updation of RTO rules.
And, it is very obvious.
Pehle without helmet pakre jane pr 100 to dete nai the hmsb bhale hi wo hmare safety ke liye thi, to ab 1000 ghanta denge!!
Pehle overloading krne pr 100 to dete nai the, signal aane se phle wo extra banda utar jata tha, aur signal ke baad wapas baith jata tha, to ab 1000 ghanta denge!!
Hm sbko rules todne me bara maza aata hai, koi na koi jugaad nikal hi lena hai jisse paise na lge, ab wo Netflix ke ek hi account pr 5 logon ka use krna yaa helmet haath me lekr bike chalana, ar signal aate hi lga lena.
Ye saare jugaad hm INDIANS ko sikhane nai prte, sb bachpan se sikhe hote hai.
Ab jb hm rules ko serious lete hi nai, to rules hone ka kya fayda.

Rules are made to frame the society in a disciplined manner, but If we do not consider it, so we should be ready for the phenomenon.

Ab serious lena pr rha hai, ab sb helmet pehan kr nikal rhe hai, docs saare updated hai, overloading ke liye to Na BABA Na!!
To ab hmsb ise Fundamental rules ka violation bta rhe h, bhale hi humsb ne kitne saalon se kitne rules violate kiya hai.
2000 ka fine denge to ek darr aata hai, agli baar nikalne se phle wo darr hi aapko ek good citizen bnaega.
Wo phrase to suna hi hoga na aapne, 
“Jb Ghee sidhe ungli se na nikle to ungli tedhi karni prti hai”
Bs smjiye ki ab Govt. ne ungli tedhi krli hai.
Waise mujhe jyada problem to nai hai iss rules updation se, agr aapke pass bhi proper documents hai, aur aap bike pr nikalne se phle helmet lgaate hai, aur car me seat belt lgate hai, to Aapko bhi nai hona chahiye koi problem.
Na jaane kitna effort lgati h govt. hme ye sikhane ke liye ki overspeeding na kre, bina helmet ke bike na chalaye, overloading na kre, Lekin hmsb kya krte hai, smjhte hai koi baat??
Ab govt. hmare safety ki seriousness smjhane ke liye Advertisements me bhi paise kharch kre, aur hm fine bhi na de jugaad krke, to wo paise kaha se aaenge??
Aaya kuch smjh me??
To ab wasooli ho rhi hai sirf, aur honi bhi chachiye…
Jb hm sb seriously rule ko follow krne lag jaenge to fir kisi ko fine dena nai pregaa, kyunki sb rules ke according hi drive krenge to ads ki jrurt nahi hogi.
Ye ek bahot hi achha step hai, to isse kuch sikhna chahiye hame, ki agar humsb rules ke according drive krenge to accidents km honge, hmsb safe rhenge.
Ab iska ek bad impact bhi ho skta hai, Isse Corruption badhne ke chances hai, ab koi 1000 ka challan na dekr kisi traffic havaldaar ko kuch paise de dega use chhorne ke liye, to ye paisa govt tak to nai pahuch paega, to iska use hmare liye nai ho paega, Roads ar signals ke liye paise kaha se aate hai??
Jo hmsb fine dete hai, ya tax bharte hai, whi paise hmare society ke liye use kiya jata hai.
Ab agr hmsb tax chori krenge, ya proper fine nai denge to wo paisa hmtk nai aa paega, jisse hmara state aur fir INDIA economically weak ho jaega, jo ki ek bahott bari issue hai.
In choti choti cheezon se hi ek bara impact generate hota hai, To hame pehle is trh se sochna hoga tb hi kuch achha ho paega.
At last meri ek request hai government se ki jo Traffic havaldars ar policeman hai, jo dhoop me khade hokr itna kaam krte hai, unki salary, unke maintanance pr kuch dhyan di jaae jisse unhe koi agr bribe krne ki koshish bhi kre to wo use report kre, aur saath hi har signal pr ya har traffic point pr camera lgwai jae ar uspr monitoring ki jae jisse corruption ko roka ja sake.
Hame khud se sochna hoga nai to hame sochne pr mazboor kisi aur dwara kiya jaega, ab chahe wo govt hi kyuun na ho.
So, Hope you liked my views, if you do then like the blog and share it with your friends and family members.
Also, comment your own points or your queries if any.
Keep Updated, Be Safe & Respect the rules!!
Thank you…

Abolition of Article 370, A good decision or not?

We heard a lot about Abolition of Article 370 & 35A recently.

Different people have their different opinions, as of mine.
So, In this blog, I’ll try to open up the basic points, then maybe We better understand, whether the decision is good or bad.
And, please add your comment on my views if any suggestions or any dispute in our thoughts.
Maybe, aapko mujhse thora jyada Political knowledge ho, to aap apne points rkh skte h, yaa fir mujhe correct kr skte h, agr glti h to!!
To, Pehle Google se copy paste kiya hua sentence dekhiye!!

Article 370 of the Constitution grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir, while Article 35A empowers the state legislature to define the state’s “permanent residents” and their special rights and privileges.

Ab ise thora detail se smjhte hai.

Article 35A ke according J&K ke permanent residents ko special citizenship provide ki gyi thi, jisme
dusre state ke citizens J&K me koi property nai kharid skte, permanently settle nai ho skte, aur agr yha ki women kisi dusre state ke citizen se shaadi krti hai to use bhi property rights nai milegi naahi uske aage ke generation ko.

Article 370 ek temporary provision hai hmare constitution me jiske according, J&K ko “Special Autonomous Status”, ek separate constitution provide kiya gya tha…
“Baaki ke 28 states pr jo rules apply hote hai, wo J&K pr apply nai hote.
Wha ke rules different hote hai , like Different flag, different law. Central goverment ke haath me jyada power nai thi like “Law & Order” jo ki ek bahot bari challenge thi Central govt ke liye.

Aur ye sahi bhi thi, Jis tyme ise apply kiya gya tha, us time ke situatons hi aise the ki wha ke permanent citizens ko security aur privileges chahiye the.
Isme tbtk koi problem nai thi jbtk ki ise galat tarike se use nai kiya jane lgaa…
Ab issues to hum sab jante hai ki iske kuch region me kya mentality hoti jaa rhi hai logon ki, Jo hmare country ke security aur inner peace ke liye challenge banta ja rha hai.

Central govt. kuch khaas kar bhi nai paati, kyunki yha ka constitution hi different hai, rules alag hai aur directly koi action nai liya ja skta ise rokne ke liye…
Ye Islamic majority state hai, aur isse koi dikkt bhi nai hai, lekin Yha ke Pandits ke liye bahot achhe haalat nai hai, 1988 me JKLF ne kashmiri pandits ke saath jo kiya uske baad se unke man me ek darr ho gyaa.
Ab aap thora pdh skte ho iski history, agr idea na ho to!!
Ab saari baatein likhunga to blog bahot lengthy ho jaegi..
Haa to ab continue krte hai…
Aur 1988 ke us incident ke baad, aage time ke saath kuch logon pr ye mindset aur bhi jyada haawi hota gya ki Kashmir ko ek independent state bnaya jae, Jo ki hmare National Unity ko challenge krta hai.
Itne saare privileges dene ke baad bhi ye sab, Ye ek achha point nai hai.

Aur waise bhi ye Article 370 ek temporary provision tha, kyunki iske baare me sb jante the ki ye kbhi na kbhi scrap krna hi pregaa.
Bs hmari govt ko ye decision lene me itna jyada time lg gyaa, aur lgta bhi kyuun nai, Hmare India me Politics bahot achhi jo hai, Vote bank ke liye Tough decision nai liye jaate the, kyunki ek community ka vote inke haath se chala jaega, aur waise bhi bahot saare logon ne KASHMIR ko Independent state banana chaha.
Aur sb jante hai ki Kashmir pr kiski nazar hai, Sirf India ke karan hi koi kuch nai kr paa rha h, Jaise hi India se ye Independent hua, fir Ise dusre Country me merge hone me jyada time nai lgega, Ye to hmne 1947 me Maharaja Hari Singh ke time witness kiya hi hai.

Ab baat ye hai ki Aise achanak se impose hona shi h ya nai, To mere according, Iske 2 consequences hai-

Ye ek tarah se glt to hai, kyunki wha ke citizens ko ab achanak se bahot saare changes krne honge apne social life me, jo sach me bahot tough hai unke liye, aap socho agr aapke liye law and rules achanak se change ho jae to kaisa feel hoga, use implement krna thora tough hai.

But, agr dusre perspective se dekha jae to Haan, ye bilkul shi time h aise tough decisions lene ka.
Aise decisions thore tough lgte to hai, but inka result achha hoga aage.
Ab kashmir me koi permanently settle ho paega, jisse wha ka jo majority ka mindset hai Independent state hone ka, Wo aage carry on nai ho paega jisse National Security bani rhegi.
Iske saath hi Ek aur Bill propose kiya gya h, jisme J&K state ko 2 part me divide krke 2 Union Territories bnni hai…

J&K ko Delhi aur Puducherry ki trh Legislature milega, jisse uspr Union ka bhi effect bana rhega, Aur Ladakh baaki Union Territories ki trh Lieutenant Governor, jise President appoint krte hai, dwara run kiya jaega.

To dekhna ab ye hai ki hmsb ise kaise accept krte hai…
Iske achhe points bhi hai, aur bure bhi, jo ki challenging to bahot hai, But fruit-worthy bhi hai…
To, ise ek political topic banane ki koshish na ki jaae to jyada shi hai…
Hm sbko phle apne Country ka sochna chahiye naaki kisi Political party ke saath  hokr ya against hokr bs bolte rhna chahiye…
Kisi ko support krna shi h, but blindly follow nai krna chahiye, Phle thora smjhna jruri hai apne end se, tb decide krna chahiye ki Ye thik h ya nai…

To, I hope aap sb smjhdaar to hai hi ki smjh skte h khud se ki kya shi h aur kya glt…
Mere is personal opinion wale blog ko pdhne ke liye Thankss a lot
Apne views bhi aap comment kre taaki main bhi kuch new seekh sku jaan paau
Take Care
Kbhi bhi kuch bhi ho skta hai!!

Hahah, Babyee
Education Social

Unemployment- Any solution ?

Hello guyzz,

I’m back to my blogsite after a long interval, Actually i couldn’t make me so free to write a blog.
But i used to think of many ideas and i got this one, what i think is very important to share with you all.

Main apne blogs me Hinglish use krta hu, taaki sblog smjh sake, but if anyone think ki proper English me honi chahiye, then I’ll write one in English too.
So, Today we’ll talk about

Yes, And I’m damn sure that my viewers are pretty intelligent to understand the word and its meaning, but do we really understand its causes, Akhir ye hota kyuun hai?
There are some people who think that causes for Unemployment are like, “Govt jobs kam aana, ya Job oppurtunities kam hona”.

Lekin sirf Govt ko point karne se nai hoga, kyunki hmsb jante hai ki hmare country INDIA me itni youth population hai ki sbko job dena possible hi nai hai, Utne jobs to America ya China jaise desh me bhi nai h…
To aakhir wo log kaise handle krte hai is problem ko, kyunki population to rapidly increase ho rhi h, and jobs to limited hai.
Actually, main ek baat bta du Log unemployed hote nai h, sirf smjhte hai khud ko kyunki wo kuch new try nai krte hai, Dare nai krte h kuch krne ka, bs bheed me pare rhte hai.
Job lene ka passion hai to lo, agr nai ho pa rha h to dusre ko point krne se ki seats kam the ya kuch aur, koi fayda nai h…
Tum bahut kuch kar skte ho, bs sochna hai ar krna hai…
Achha Chalo,
Ek example se samjhne ka try krte hai,

Suppose ek Company hai jaha 5 vacancies hai, aur uske liye 10 aspirants ne apply kiya.
Ab wha job to 5 logon ko hi milegi, means 5 log unemployed smjhenge khud ko.
But agr un 5 me se ek smjhdaar bande ne apna dimag lagaya, ar ek dusre bande ke saath milkr ek startup krta hai. To ab sirf 3 log unemployed bach gye.
Ab kisi startup ko run krne ke liye promotion aur marketing to chahiye hi, to un 3 bande, jo khud ko unemployed smjh rhe the, in dono ne unhe apne startup me as employees rkh liya.

To ab kitne log unemployed bache???
 Zero (0)

Achha lg rha hoga sunne me, hai na!!

Same yhi mentality developed countries me ya fir smjhdaar log rkhte hai.

Don’t be Job-seeker, Be a Job-creator!!

 Its okk ki Job oppurtunities nahi aa rhe utne, but hm Youth hai, Hum Job oppurtunities create krne lage na to INDIA hi kya dusre countries se bhi log aaenge hmare pass Job krne.

Ab sawaal ye hai ki start-up kaise ki jae, job create kaise ki jae!!
Job create aap tbhi kr skte ho jb aapke pass ek Idea ho, jisse baaki log influence ho, unhe jb aapke idea ki jrurt hogi tb aapki demand badhegi, aur tb aap aur logon ko HIRE kr skte hai.

But early stage pr yhi sochna hoga ki, Job pr dependent nai bane hm, balki khud ke skills ko pehchaaane, kuch seekhe.

Mere pehle ke blogs me bhi ye maine btaya tha ki Ek skilled person ko Job ki jrurt nai h, Wo self-create kr skta hai.

Aur agr koi apne skills ya apne shauk ko hi apna profession banale tb kitni achhi baat hogi.
Apne shauk bhi pure ho rhe h aur Success bhi hogi aapke pass.

Kuch bhi, Singing, Dancing, Sports, Writing, Lecture, Painting etc.

Career ke opportunities milte nai h, bnaye jaate hai…

Kuch baatein important hoti hai Start-up ke liye-
1. Ek different Idea jo kuch time baad jyada useful ho, means just future ke liye useful ho.
Kyunki kisi bhi Idea ko implement hone me thora time lgta hai, logon ko smjhne me time lgta hai.

Jaise aap examples dekh skte ho, Reliance, Motorola, OLA, etc
Ye sirf kuch wo companies hai, jinhone kuch naya ya unexpected ideas laaye market me jisse users ko iski jrurt hui.
Ab inke bare me aap thora padh skte ho yaa fir aapko pata hi hoga.

 2. Ek background support hona chahiye hmesha, like Family se financial support, ya Khud ki savings but agr ye sb nai h, to fir meri trh ek Job krlo, jisse ek base milegi aapko, taaki aap seekh sako aur implement kr sako.
Early stage me job krne se bahot ideas milti hain, kyunki apne startups me aapko bhi employees rkhne  honge, to us cheez ke liye prepared raho ki kaise hota hai.

Aur bahot saari cheezein hai, like Team work, plan execution, Leadership qualities, Representation, aur sbse important Confidence.

Aur Jab lage ki aap prepared ho, Its Show-time, then Go for the it, Dude.
Because You are the best version of Yourself.

Koi 9-5 ki job se kitna khush ho skta hai, Sb agr Job hi krenge to use create kon krega.

So, this is all for today guys,
Agar aap sbko isse related koi bhi doubt, queries ya suggestions hai to niche Comment box me btaiye,
Hope aap sb ko meri ye blog psnd aai hogi.
Agr aai ho to like kriye, aur Share kijiye taaki maximum logon tak pahuche.
So, Learn, Think, Rethink, then Do it…
Take Care! Babyee!


Women Empowerment – What it means?? Part-1

“Women Empowerment” Ye word aajkl bahot sunne ko mil rha h…

Jise dekho Women Empowerment ka #Dhol lekr baja rha h…

Aakhir matlab kya h iska, Kya wakai me iski jarurat hai?? 

Aaj iske baare me hi baat krte h, Thik hai!!

Women Empowerment ka agr hindi me meaning dekha jaae to नारी-सशक्तिकरण ।।

Yaar, Bara hi khatarnaak maalum prta h, Hai na!!

Koi baat nhi, Main Aasan sabdon me btata hu…

Phle ka jo hamara Samaaj tha, wo पुरूष-प्रधान tha , wha Females ki utni izzat nhi thi!! Hai na, Aapne yhi pdha h??

Lkin, Aisa bilkul nhi h yr!! Phle ke tym ki bhi bahot saari Females ne Bare-Bare kaam kiye hai!!

Haan, wo baat alag hai ki, Gender Inequality thi !! Auraton ko bahar ke kaam nhi krne diye jaate… 

Unhe Kamjor smjha jata tha…

Ar ye sb to aaj bhi hota hai!! 

Sirf, Log badle hai, Soch badalne me jyada time lgti hai!!

Gender Equality achii baat hai!! Honi bhi chahiye…

Lkin, Ise Women Empowerment ka naam dena kaha tk shi h??

Women Empowerment ka asli mtlb hai Females ko barabar ka haq milna jaise ki, Wo Bahar Kaam kr ske, Padhai kr ske apne khud ke man se…

Sbko khud me Independent hona pasand hai…

Ise main bhi support krta hu!!

Lkin, Aaj kl kuch log Women Empowerment ka mtlb alag hi smjh rhe h… Jise main bardashht nhi kr pata!! Aisa Kyuun??



Achha rukiye, Main ek example deta hu, sb smjh aa jaega!!

Ek bus jaa rhi thi, Jaise hi Driver ne break mara, Ek Larka jo ki khara tha, usse ek larki ko dhakka lg gya… 

Ab wo larki thora gussa kr daatne ke tariqe se boli ki theek se khare rho, Larke ne bola Sorry!! Ar baat khatm… Are yr, Newton sahab ka Law of Inertia to sbne padha h Physics me…Bs yhi to Inertia of motion ka Practical explanation tha😂

Ise wo dono smjhte h, kyunki wo dono educated h…

Lkin, Kuch auntiyaan jo ki bus me baithi hui thi bilkul aaram se, Wo us lrke ko bolne lgti h ki inhe to mauka chahiye!! Ye wo this that !!

Jo log us larki ko adjust krke apni seat pr baithne ki jagah nhi de skte, Un logon ko ab uski bari chinta hone lgi hai !!

Ar us larke ko itna Daantenge ki may be Use apne Stop se phle hi bus se utarna pre…

Agr aisa hi kisi larke ke saath ho… To Kya log Us larki ko daantenge?????

Nhi na!! Kyunki Wo ise women empowerment kehte h…

Chaliye ek ar example dekhte hai!!

Koi larki kisi traffic signal pr bina helmet ke jaa rhi thi… Traffic Police ne use roka ar Challan kaatne lga… To wo bolne lgi ki aap Larki ko aise kroge… Ar wha se jaane lgi… Us Policeman ne uske scooty ko roka… Ar bolne lga ki fine to dena prega…

Ab wo lrki jo ki khud ko ek Feminist smjhti hai, Wo use apni feminism dekhane ki sochne lgi…

Behas jaari rhi… Ab wha koi female police constable bhi nhi thi jo smjhati ya smjhti…

Tbtk koi upper rank ka officer aaya, ar pucha to Wo lrki bolti h ki Inhone challan kata, koi baat nhi main fine de deti… Lkin ye badtameezi kr rhe h… Ek lrki se aise baat kiya jata h!!

Ab wo Policeman ki baat kon sunega bhai… Ye jo word h na #Badtameezi iska bara gehra prabhav prta h sunne wale pe…

Aap fine ke liye bol diye, scooty rok diye to #Badtameezi ho gyi, Ar छेड़-छाड़ krna to khair hai hi badtameezi…

Ab us officer ko ye kon smjhaega ki Konsi wali badtameezi ki h us policeman ne…

Badtameezi to hai hi khatarnaak word, Ya ise Feminism ka ek #Weapon bhi keh skte hai!!

Ab wo bechara explain krte rhe ki usne konsi wali badtameezi ki h… Tbtk to sbka tym kharab!!

Actually, Ise agr hm “Women Empowerment” ke bajay “Men humiliation” kahe to sayad galat nhi h…

Lkin, Aisa nhi h ki sirf yhi scenario hota h har jagah…

Jaha sach me badtameezi hoti h, Wha action lena shi h… Wha asli feminism dikhani chahiye!!

Naaki, Galat use kiya hae iska…

Feminism achhi h, but Ye aap larkiyon pr hai ki Aap use kaise use krti hai…

Kyunki, ek galat decision kisi ki life barbaad kr skta h!!

Ye aapke Empowerment ke liye hai, Naaki hmare Humiliation ke liye…

Be Educated!! Be Careful!! Be Wise!!

Abhi bahot saari baatein hai, Lkin use dusre Blog me discuss krenge…

Tbtk ke liye Bye,

Aapko Ye blog kaisa lga, Achha- bura, Jaisa bhi lga, Comment krke btaiye!!


To be Continued…


आखिर विकास है कहाँ ??

Insan ek aisi prajati hai, jisse kabhi संतुष्ट nhi kiya jaa skta…
Haan, hm sb इंसान bilkul aise hi h… It’s a Human nature
Ar संतुष्ट hoe bhi to kyuun hm, Hmesha “kuch aur” ki chahat rakhne se hi to hm aage badh skte h, Nhi to Jaha h whi khush rhenge to kbhi aage nhi badh sakenge…
Mtlb, Ye स्वाभाविक (obvious) hai !! Achha fir to thikk hai… 
Lekin, Kuch logon me ye jyada paane ki chahat itni badh gyi hai, ki Unhe sbkuch free me chahiye…
Main un 15 lakhs ki baat nhi kr rha hu jo “Black money” wapas aane se sbke a/c me free me milne wale the…
Achha chaliye thori si baatein kr hi lete h…
Haan to, 15 lakhs bahut jyada amount hota h hm sb ke liye, lekin fir bhi
Mujhe nhi chahiye wo 15 lakhs, ar jo log wo maang rhe h Unki kya Niyat h ki, Kisi Politician ne aapko ye lalach diya ar aap use vote de aae… Waah re Bharat ke Nagrik, 15 lakhs ke liye kisi dusre ko vote de diya…
Yhi karan h ki Politicians hme lalach dete h, kyunki wo jante h ki aaplogon ko Vikash nhi chahiye, sirf Free me har cheez chahiye…
Free me Paani, Free me wifi, Free ke paise, ar bahut kuch hai… Choriye ab sbke baare me btane lgenge to lgega ki Pura desh hi lalchi hai… Free ki cheezein dene ke liye koi waada kr de to bhai, vote use hi denge…
Ar jb Wo cheezein nhi mili to bolenge ki hatao isko, Vikash kaha h, Achhe din kb ayenge…
Aap ghar baithe baithe lagbhag saari documentation ke kaam ko kr le rhe ho, Sarkari officers ko घुस nhi dena pr rha h…Lagbhg Saare kaam Online…
Railway station pr baith kr free ki wifi chala rhe ho, 5 rs. me 1 litre mineral water pi rhe ho…
Jo Desh India ke piche pre rhte the, Wo bahot hadd tk ab saath hai…
Ar puchte ho ki Vikash kaha hai, Bhaii, Mujhe to Vikash dikh rha h, Kyunki mujhe wo 15 lakhs se koi mtlb nhi h…
Main to chahta hi nhi ki sbke a/c me wo 15 lakhs aae… Kyunki agr wo 15 lakhs aae to koi kaam krna nhi chahega, sb aaram se baith kr enjoy krenge jbtk ki wo paisa khatam na ho jae…
Tbtk Is Desh ka kya hoga…
Lkin bhaii, Tmhe to apne 15 lakhs se mtlb hai na!!
Haan, ab wo alag baat h ki future me wo paise sbke a/c me aae ya na aae…
But, Tbtk Hume ye sikhna h, ki agr wo paise aae to hm aaram se baith ke use brbaad na kre balki, use badhane ka soche…
Koi start-up krke ya koi skill develop krke…
Bhaii, agr mere a/c me wo paise kbhi aae bhi to, Main to use apne start-up me use krunga, Use double ar triple krne ka try krunga…
Agr, aapke a/c me wo paise aae to Aaplog kya kroge us paise ka???
Niche comment krke btae…Aakhir mujhe bhi to pta chale ki kon wo kon se log h jo aaram se baithkr paise ko Urana krna nhi chahte…
Ye koi politics ka topic nhi h, Ar naa hi main #Modiji ka bhakt hi, jaisa ki kuch log sochte hai…
Main to bs unke kuch baaton ko support krta hu…
Ar ye bhi janta hu, ki Itne saalon baad koi aisa aaya h jo #विकास ke liye, Aise kaam krta h ki puri public gussa ho jae…
Risk le skta hai…
Prices badh rhi h, main maanta hu…
Lkin Jara aap ek baat sochiye ki Jbtk hm Desh ke liye jyada tax nhi denge Tbtk #विकास kaise hoga!!
Ab kuch log chahte h, ki unhe bina Tax diye विकास ka rasta mil skta hai to bhaii, Tmse #Gawaar to is desh me koi hai hi nhi…

Maine bola tha na, ki free me kuch nhi milta, bt kya kre Sb shi hai !!

Ar ek baat, Politicians to sb ek jaise hi hote hai…
Unhe bnna prta h aisa, agr wo nhi Lalach denge to aap unhe mauka hi nhi denge…hai na !!
To politicians ki baaton ko jyada serious lene ki jrurt nhi h…
Hme elections me Achhe politician ko nhi chunna prta h, balki Sbse Kam kharab Politician ko chunna prta hai…
Achhe politicians hote hi nhi yr…
Kyunki, sb log #Atal ji jaise nhi hote na… RIP Atal ji🙏
If u agree with my views, then Comment box me #Agreed jrur likhe…
Ar ise share jrur kre
Take Care, Ba’bye!!