Independence- What it means??

First of all, I like to wish all of u a very Happy 72nd Independence day!!
It has been 71 years since we got freedom…
So, what does it mean?
We all know that, Independence is a feeling, an emotion & It can’t be measured or calculated…
Similarly, Being an INDIAN is also a feeling, a strong feeling that joins different people having different cultures and traditions, together to form the Most diversed Nation- INDIA
We are a cluster of 29 states, 7 union territories, more than 4000 cities and over 130 crores INDIANS and we are increasing, i mean exploding day-by-day…#ok sorry
U can also ask this to google baba!! Click here
34 births in a minute, or i say over 40,000 in a day…it means, Over 1 lakh in 3 days
that’s why, I said we are exploding day-by-day…😂
We have the World’s biggest Army, and we have the maximum youth population. We, the Youths are the real future of our Nation, We have to bring our Country to the highest level in terms of development and economy also.
We should be the Human resource of our NATION…
So, let’s talk about, what is the meaning of “being INDIAN” ;
If u go on a camp, or a tour, or a college, where u meet different people from different states…
Then, U will introduced as Bihari, Bengali, Punjabi, etc.
Some people say, It shows the disintegration of Indian culture, as we must Introduce ourself as an INDIAN!!
Bt, A/c to me, Introducing urself as a Bihari or Bengali is actually, a fact of our nation…
Because, we all know that India is the most diverse country…
And, People of every religion, comunitiy live here…It shows the Unity of us- The INDIANS…
It does not show our disintegrity, it shows our cultures…
And, If we have to represent INDIA on an International level, or to foreigners, then we must be united and introduce ourselves as INDIANS.
Patriotism doesn’t need any show-off, it only needs faith and dedication towards our people, our society, our country.
Taking a simple example, If I go to Harvard University (by the way, not possible),then I will introduce myself as an INDIAN,
But, What If I go to Delhi University(also, not possible),  then, how will i introduce myself?
I’m an INDIAN; isn’t it strange??
Yeah, it is strange, because all are INDIANS there…
So, it is okk to be bihari, bengali, or punjabi in India…
And, abroad INDIA… Basically, We all are INDIANS to others!!
If u really want to Show ur Patriotism today, then wishing on social media is not mandatory ,at least do this

Please, Pick up the flag, If u see it lying on the road the next day…

Show ur Patriotism with your great doings…
There are many things that we can do for our country, i’ll talk about it in my next blogs, because it seems to be long.
To be continued…
Being INDIAN is our culture and, We all are proud INDIANS…
Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!


Friendship- The strongest bond

Hey Friends!!

Today is Friendship day..So this is a special day to express the feelings to our friends…

Friendship is the most versatile and flexible relation between two person, whom we call friends…

Why I called it Versatile, this is because Friendship can be with anyone- Papa, Mom, Bro, Sis, cousins, collegues, classmates, teacher, student, etc. It has no boundaries like in other relations.

And, flexible because this bonding can be strong or weak with time & with different people…

And, the meaning of Friendship is also changing with time…

Today, Following on social media and tagging in posts has become a friendship trend, but in our school days, we had not mobile phones like today’s students have, But we had friendship with feelings…We used to do a lot of mastii, spend time with each other in recess-time and even in school bus, we do a lot of talkings.

But, in today’s scenario, Students have gadgets with which they spend much time rather than with friends.

I want to suggest u students that, these are the golden period for u to make memories with ur frnds…After some years, when u think of ur school days, then these memories will definitely put a smile on ur face… not the Facebook, instagram stories…

So, spend some more time with ur frnds and make memories, they will be with u the whole life….

Friendship is not only a relation, it is a feeling that bounds two people together and this is the strongest bond ever exist.

This is because, it never dies…It is immortal, as we meet a friend of ours after a very long time, our whole memories will strike our mind and we talk like we are still school friends…

It is not necessary that, Texting, meeting or calling daily, in a friendship.

Making their pic as dp, putting status is also not necessary….

The only thing which is necessary in friendship is that Having love & care to them.

It is OK to show ur feelings to them, Bt if Only show-baazi is considered as the Friendship…This is not done!!

If i do not put your pic as my dp or status, then are you not my friend???

Don’t be childish, dude!!

U r my friend, and it doesn’t need to be shown or justified…

So, the important thing in friendship is that, Never have any expectations to the other…

Get on your friendship without expectations.

Friends are so important in everyone’s life, with which they express their feelings, hit them to release their anger, and do endless mastii…

One of my fantasies in life is to Go on a random trip with my friends like in “Zindagi na milegi dobara” or “Ye jawani hai diwani”…

And, a special message to all my friends, If i do not wish u personally, then Don’t be upset….

U all are my friends, and it need not to be shown, Isn’t it?

A very Happy Friendship Day to all of u…

Be safe, Keep Smiling always!!

Have a great and cheerful life ahead!!

Thank uuh & Ba’bye😊


Rape- whose fault??

Hii guyss, Today I would like to discuss, actually i’m removing outburst(भड़ास निकालना ) inside me about the most obscene crime “RAPE”. I hope u would guess the meaning of the word ‘obscene’, if not, then click on google to know!! :
NOTE: The highlighted word is the link, click it to know more about it.
Rape is not only a crime, it is an unhuman act that shows the worst mentality of the people, Nothing can be worse than it!!
So, what are its causes??

Some people say, It is due to short clothes of the girls, bt what about a small girl, who even doesn’t know about herself properly. 

And, what did those bastards think of her, and how can they think??
They are so mean(नीच) that they do not let animals to live, Even, A goat is not safe in today’s world. Yes, i have read a news & it made me think for few minutes if, it is possible or not, “8 men gang-raped a goat in Haryana” !!
Actually, they don’t deserve to be called as man😬
If this news is true, then i want to know, that Where are those people, who said that Rape is because of short-clothes of women…

तो अब जानवरों को भी सुरक्षित रहने  लिए सलवार कमीज़ पहन के रहना पड़ेगा, क्या?

A/c to me, It’s all because of some bastards having a bad mental sickness.
And, because of them, All men are defamed (बदनाम) and treated as wrong.
This is a very serious issue, increasing day by day.
So, what are the real causes??
Weak judicial system is also a cause of increasing rapes day by day, because Our judicial system is so slow that it takes very much time to bring justice and punish the guilty person.
It could not put any fear to the criminals, & they feel free.
So, our Judicial system should be firstly improved for this crime to bring justice sooner, strict laws should be introduced.
Bt, the major cause is having Bad mentality, which can be treated by individuals for their own.
Everyone should tell their children, either Girl or, Boy to be a good person, to respect all.
And, if we can’t do this, then We don’t deserve to be called as Humans.
Having beard is not a sign of Manhood, if u disrespect the Woman.
Be the Real MAN, by giving respect to the WOMAN !!
Because, she deserves a MAN to be the WO-MAN.
It’s only my perception, if u have a different perception about it, then let us know about it in the comment box below.
And, if u agree with it, share it with others…
So Spread Awareness! Be Safe! Be Happy!
Education Social

Skills vs. Marks

A serious talk about ur child’s future!!

When we go to our relatives’ or friend’s house, we ask their children about their studies and then, Son, howz ur result- 80% or 90%, U topped the class or not?

But, wait!! Did we ever ask them, What are ur skills, what stuffs can you do better, or What are u learning in ur school?

No, we never ask them in this way!! Did u ever think of it,Why? Ok, I’ll tell u.

Our society is not a Male-dominating society anymore, bt now it is a Marks-dominating society….

Only Marks matter,as If u got good marks, then u are brilliant, bt if u failed or having not so good marks, then u r a loser….wtf??

But, we don’t know that, Marks is only a single factor of deciding a person’s efficiency….there are lots of such factors like their Thinking, perception, lifestyle, and the most important- The Skills

I consider Skills as the most important factor because,

If anyone has Skill, he/she doesn’t need any certificate to be successful, its only about his/her efforts to be successful….

Bt, if anyone has good marks, then besides this, He/she also need some skills for being successful….

Without skills, Marks are nothing, but only to show that u were a good student at ur academics….

I’m not telling that, good marks are not necessary, bt It only shows ur efficiency as a student, nothing much!!

Skills can be anything, Swimming, Writing poems, Singing, Dancing, Playing sports, Gaming, yeah; Gaming is also a very good skill and has a lot of future scope…

So, Be Focused on ur results as well as developing skills i.e., Learning and Please, try to ask Children about their skills and learnings from next meetings…

And, also motivate them to do so…

So, Let them be a learner rather than a scorer.

Thank you!!

This is my first blog, So if u like it then, share it with others….

See ya next tym with a new topic…