We roam and roam around the world, live our lives and die but life isn’t about living the life without doing anything for the sake of humanity, for the sake of those who need it but can’t express it.
We see lot of people in our life, make memories, relation and friendships but it’s for those who are existing with normality in thier anatomy. There exist a section of innocent souls stumbled upon thier special abilities, finding it hard to carry on life but those brave hearts with joy and smile on face live life more living way than us but they need a little bit of kindness and love which the society reluctantly gives out of their ignorant mind.
Life for them is not what we conceive, but their life is painful, hard and struggle in every day life makes it even worse which we can’t even imagine. Hardly we see any child with special ability having sorrow in their eyes, they make you more living than you have ever been if you get attached to them.
Kindness doesn’t cost you, it gives you what money can’t buy, it gives you what you have never felt of. These specially abled child are not treated well they are seen and made feel someone untouchable.
They lead a life which we can’t even imagine but for sure they are the angels who can encourage a depressed mind to fuel up their life energy, their smile can even melt a rock but they need our help to learn day to day things, lead a life and in return they give us so much love and an opportunity to earn a divine cause to serve the virtuous deed.
Life is precious, it doesn’t comes out of oaks and rocks, then what can be more good to help those who are dire need, who can’t even convey their problems but what they are best at conveying is immense love, in return.
Let’s pledge together to make each and every life beautiful, let’s come together to help a Nobel cause, those specially abled child, those beautiful flowers who need us to spread their fragrance.

By Shubham Kumari

Pursuing PGDM (marketing) from Delhi;
Content writer and creater by profession;
Singer by passion and a random atom in this expanding universe...

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