A beautifully knitted story of a widow, Ratna from a small village of Maharashtra, full of dreams, dignity and ambitions, revolves around her and an aspiring novelist turned corporate builder, Ashwin.
The story is about the love, dilemma and social fear, how a rich corporate builder fall in love with the pure soul of his domestic help, Ratna. It started with Ashwin’s broken engagement out of incompatibility and ends with love being parted by the distance of social fear.
Ashwin fell in love with her maid because of her integrity, passion and dignity which she maintained even after being through a lot of social outcast and inequality. Ashwin being a heart broken man who always sought for the simplicity in his life, was not happy of the situations and his career. He was here for the sake of his parents. He left his dream life of being a writer in New York and came to Mumbai after his brother’s death but when he realized Ratna, even after so much of hardships following her dreams, he started feeling for her.
One day, they both came closer and Ashwin confessed his feelings for her but Ratna asked him to forget about the evening. Ashwin was frustrated but tried to convince Ratna to believe his love but out of the dilemma and social fear she asked, “IS LOVE ENOUGH? SIR?”, Every one will laugh on us.
To end all this, Ratna decided to leave the house.
Ashwin before moving back to New York made sure that she fulfills her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Ratna was extremely happy after getting the job of a desiger, she went to meet her “SIR” but it was too late. She went to the same place where he confessed his feelings. She was broken, weeping and suddenly she got a call, it was “SIR”, Ashwin from the other side said, “HELLO ! RATNA”.
After holding her breathe, she took a pause, that short pause which felt like years and said “ASHWIN”. It’s merely a name but certainly a dream of someone who always wanted to listen it out of love from the person whom he loved the most and for someone it was a distance of eternity which she always feared to leap out of social fear.

The story was the journey of SIR to ASHWIN and the fear which forbidden the love, that pure love.

By Shubham Kumari

Pursuing PGDM (marketing) from Delhi;
Content writer and creater by profession;
Singer by passion and a random atom in this expanding universe...

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