RAIN- Worth loving or not??

Rainy Season

Whenever i hear this word, a feeling of love & relief(सुकून) hits me, and i start feeling better.
It’s very obvious liking the Rainy season, as everyone likes it, bt if u don’t, it means either, u r not a romantic person or u are not a Pakoda-lover.😍
I like it very much, but Wait “Is it worth-loving” ??
Let’s discuss it:-

There could be two perspective of The Rainy Season

1st : The noise of the rain-drops hitting the leaves and the smell of the soil during the first rain, that we all love. Rather going to work or to study, we like staying at home and spend time with our loved ones and, obviously the combo of Chai-Pakoda is like a jackpot. So, this perspective is exactly, the “Worth-loving” and one more thing, This is more like a virtual thinking.

 and now, Let’s come to the 2nd perspective, that’s the reality.
2nd : The logging of Rain-water in our streets and localities after a heavy rain of even half an hour😛, it unmasks(पोल खोलना) all the efforts of Nagar Nigam and the Goverment, not only in your city but everywhere…
This problem is directly proportional to the development as well as population density, it means More developed and populated the city is greater will be the problem as we can see in MUMBAI & DELHI.
so, this 2nd perspective does not seem to be liked, isn’t it ?
And it’s a Human nature that 

We love the virtuality rather than the reality.

That’s why, we do not like the 2nd perspective very much, or i say, We hate it.
bt, the 2nd perspective could be liked if we have to stay at home, even after the rain, bt for how long!! We have to go out for work, market or to class, so it is a very tough task to go out through the ponds in the locality that were initially like roads.
so, I think The Rainy Season has mixed feelings, bt we focus only on the good one, i.e. the 1st perspective, that’s very good. Always be Positive, because everything have two perspectives GOOD and BAD.
So, Focus on the positive things only, and ENJOY ur life, bt Don’t ignore the other, also take a small look at the negativity just to handle it.
At the last, I will say that the RAIN is worth-loving, so Enjoy it.
Today, I am resting in my house the whole day due to Rain, and I also go through the special combo, made by MOM, and i have nothing to do, so it came to my mind to write a blog about it.

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Be Positive & Take care.
Thank you!!

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