Rape- whose fault??

Hii guyss, Today I would like to discuss, actually i’m removing outburst(भड़ास निकालना ) inside me about the most obscene crime “RAPE”. I hope u would guess the meaning of the word ‘obscene’, if not, then click on google to know!! :
NOTE: The highlighted word is the link, click it to know more about it.
Rape is not only a crime, it is an unhuman act that shows the worst mentality of the people, Nothing can be worse than it!!
So, what are its causes??

Some people say, It is due to short clothes of the girls, bt what about a small girl, who even doesn’t know about herself properly. 

And, what did those bastards think of her, and how can they think??
They are so mean(नीच) that they do not let animals to live, Even, A goat is not safe in today’s world. Yes, i have read a news & it made me think for few minutes if, it is possible or not, “8 men gang-raped a goat in Haryana” !!
Actually, they don’t deserve to be called as man😬
If this news is true, then i want to know, that Where are those people, who said that Rape is because of short-clothes of women…

तो अब जानवरों को भी सुरक्षित रहने  लिए सलवार कमीज़ पहन के रहना पड़ेगा, क्या?

A/c to me, It’s all because of some bastards having a bad mental sickness.
And, because of them, All men are defamed (बदनाम) and treated as wrong.
This is a very serious issue, increasing day by day.
So, what are the real causes??
Weak judicial system is also a cause of increasing rapes day by day, because Our judicial system is so slow that it takes very much time to bring justice and punish the guilty person.
It could not put any fear to the criminals, & they feel free.
So, our Judicial system should be firstly improved for this crime to bring justice sooner, strict laws should be introduced.
Bt, the major cause is having Bad mentality, which can be treated by individuals for their own.
Everyone should tell their children, either Girl or, Boy to be a good person, to respect all.
And, if we can’t do this, then We don’t deserve to be called as Humans.
Having beard is not a sign of Manhood, if u disrespect the Woman.
Be the Real MAN, by giving respect to the WOMAN !!
Because, she deserves a MAN to be the WO-MAN.
It’s only my perception, if u have a different perception about it, then let us know about it in the comment box below.
And, if u agree with it, share it with others…
So Spread Awareness! Be Safe! Be Happy!

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