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Skills vs. Marks

A serious talk about ur child’s future!!

When we go to our relatives’ or friend’s house, we ask their children about their studies and then, Son, howz ur result- 80% or 90%, U topped the class or not?

But, wait!! Did we ever ask them, What are ur skills, what stuffs can you do better, or What are u learning in ur school?

No, we never ask them in this way!! Did u ever think of it,Why? Ok, I’ll tell u.

Our society is not a Male-dominating society anymore, bt now it is a Marks-dominating society….

Only Marks matter,as If u got good marks, then u are brilliant, bt if u failed or having not so good marks, then u r a loser….wtf??

But, we don’t know that, Marks is only a single factor of deciding a person’s efficiency….there are lots of such factors like their Thinking, perception, lifestyle, and the most important- The Skills

I consider Skills as the most important factor because,

If anyone has Skill, he/she doesn’t need any certificate to be successful, its only about his/her efforts to be successful….

Bt, if anyone has good marks, then besides this, He/she also need some skills for being successful….

Without skills, Marks are nothing, but only to show that u were a good student at ur academics….

I’m not telling that, good marks are not necessary, bt It only shows ur efficiency as a student, nothing much!!

Skills can be anything, Swimming, Writing poems, Singing, Dancing, Playing sports, Gaming, yeah; Gaming is also a very good skill and has a lot of future scope…

So, Be Focused on ur results as well as developing skills i.e., Learning and Please, try to ask Children about their skills and learnings from next meetings…

And, also motivate them to do so…

So, Let them be a learner rather than a scorer.

Thank you!!

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See ya next tym with a new topic…


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