When they say,“Humans are the intelligent creature on the Earth”

A big sarcastic laughter delievered by the GOD…

Hi Friends,
I am back with my new blog which is based on the most beautiful but a one-sided relationship, that is none other than the “Human-Nature Relation”!!!
In this blog of mine, “She” refers to the Nature-The Mother & “It” refers to the Human, so let’s start it…
Human-Nature relation is the oldest one as it has been with the origin of the Human life. When Nature created human, she thought It would be her best creation as she included all the features in it with very much affection and love.
She has always provided everything what it needed, And it also cared for her in starting. Their relation is like Bread-Butter relation where both of them need the other one to be complete. Life was nice, but then Human made his family with the resources provided by the nature. “It” became “they” and their needs starts increasing day by day. They start demanding more & more resources and soon the most beautiful relation got converted into a one-sided relationship.
With time, Humans start exploiting Nature & its resources. And, the most affected resource was animals, who are just same as Humans. They are also equipped with all the features that human have, except for the bad ones.
As i said earlier, Humans got all the features, good as well as bad. But, the animals are less featured than humans as they lack in some features like cruelty, selfishness, etc.
And, that’s why Humans misunderstood themselves as the most important creature of Nature. They used everything as their own resource, they have forgotten the value of giving, they only prefer usage not the conservation.
But, let me clarify you one thing, They are not supposed to be called as Humans if they do not respect other creatures and lives.
As per the reports, A recent incident in Kerela, where a pregnant Elephant was wandering for food, few local stupid people offered her a pineapple stuffed with crackers, she had hunger so she ate it, and it burst in her mouth. Even after this, she didn’t hurt anyone, since the wound was hurting so she went in a nearby water body and stood there until she lost her battle of life.
I can’t imagine how much pain she had at that time, not only the pain of the wound, the actual pain she had might be of mistrust on Human, she must have thought, why she went there, why se trusted the humans for the eatables!! And, what about these stupid people who thought it would be an enjoyment for them, but they didn’t feel that how much it could be painful for her.
Maybe these are those people who used to pelt/throw the stones on stray dogs in their childhood and none of their elders restricted them to do so. They are defaming the name of Humans and it is very disgusting to hear these types of incidents. They just treated her like an article to get some fun, and that’s wrong. Its not about literacy of people, its about being moral and caring to the Nature. This could not be teach in course books, rather it should be learn and experienced in each and every family.
And this reminds me that, Human-Nature relation has now become “HUMAN vs NATURE” and then the nature is teaching us lesson with deadly diseases, phenomenal activities and it is quite obvious.
One more thing, I saw some people are blaming them on social media yesterday, that how can anyone be so cruel to a pregnant elephant. It is morally incorrect to think that a pregnant elephant need to be loved and a normal need not, in actual they might not even know that she is pregnant. Love & Care should not be in favour of the priviledges or situations, it has to be unaffected with any situations. We have to care and love the Nature and its resources to our fullest.
I only want to say that, We are humans, the best creation of Nature, we are gifted with all the features collected from each living being, and no doubt, we are the most intelligent creature on the Earth.
So, It is our duty to conserve our Nature and care for them just like an elder member who love and cared for his family. That’s why It is written as वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्, It means Earth is our family.
Now, Its time to be the real HUMAN, who care for Nature, conserve it and let it available for other creatures also. Please share the good habits to your children & make them understand the value of everything, Living as well as Non-living resources on the Earth.
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Thanks for reading.

What after COVID-19?

Hey Guys,
I’m here with a new topic over COVID-19 Outbreak, As we all are badly affected by this pandemic, and we are locked in our houses, So it’s a great time to write a blog on it.

Today, I’ll talk about the affects of this Pandemic over different sectors, specially the Education System.
So, Let’s start…

COVID 19, A pandemic outbreak for the whole world which affected every community, class, religion. It is associated with deadly Corona-virus that can easily transmit among people through any social activity like handshake, hug, etc. It mainly affects the respiratory system in our body and is likely to develop in those people who are formerly diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer.
Neither  any exact treatment nor any vaccine is available for it till now, and due to this reason, It has been spreading rapidly among many countries to numerous people. There is nothing to prevent it from, except Social distancing as introduced few months ago. If we not communicate socially, it’s transmission can be prevented.
For this purpose only, Lockdown is introduced to many countries to conquer this pandemic. But, this is not an exact solution for it, We have to make ourselves aware of its transmission and prevent it at our own level. The lockdown is continuously followed for approximately 2 months, and badly affected our Country, and even the whole world in many sectors such as Economy, Health, Operations & Executive, and mostly the Education system.

Education system is a very planned and continuous process which has to be unaffected from anything, because It is  the backbone of our society.

It is  associated with youngters and kids of our society, which are basically the future of society. It has affected many competitive exams, academics & sessions. Due to this lockdown, Everything has stopped and discontinued, despite of having online learning classes offered to students. Online learning is a good platform for students to continue their studies even in this lockdown, but there are some aspects which are far away and untouchable by online learning till now such as lack of class routine, environment, proper interaction with teachers, activities and a lot more. This also has no reach to every community and class, that’s why It is not a long-term solution. But this is the only way to continue education system without collapsing.
After the lockdown ends, Everything will be practised but they have some major affects due to this pandemic, All processes will have slowed down. And, Education system will be one of the most affected sectors of our country. Academic sessions will be late, Exams may be delayed, and a single disturbed session may disturb the next sessions if not properly planned. It will be very difficult for academic students to continue their studies with disturbed session, they will have an unknown pressure of irregularity. It may affect the studies and even the results. Students and teachers will have to be more active to let this session on track, so that it couldn’t disturb the next sessions. They have to complete the whole syllabus in lesser time with a little more pressure.
Now, let’s talk about it in more detail. Firstly, for the primary students, This lockdown is like a unplanned  vacation in which they will not be serious on their studies. They treat it like a privilege to stay at home as they have not very much knowledge about the continuity of the studies. In the previous sessions, they all got promoted by the schools without any examination. This may affect their mind in a wrong way, They may think that without giving any examination they can be easily promoted the next time also. And we all know examination is all about testing you that you have learnt and  qualified the lsst class. Without examination, their basic knowledge get affected so they have more issues in the upcoming classes as they have to study and understand the topics that they have missed. So, this is an additional task for the teachers to make them understand the previous topics after the lockdown.
The secondary and senior secondary students have the most affected scenario post covid outbreak. They have the most organised study planning and it got affected due to this lockdown. Besides having online classes, they are getting many difficulties in understanding the subject and the topics as they cannot discuss it with the teachers at all, Internet connectivity and smartphones are not available to every class or community due to which there is a loop hole in the system. The boards examination of matriculation and intermediate students got posponded due to this outbreak. This affected their mental health a lot because they have prepared for it for a long time and now they have to wait more for it. Also, most of them planned to compete in the competitive exams like JEE, NIFT, NEET, CLAT and these too got posponded. Due to the uneven examination schedules, they could not prepare for these competitive exams in an organised way. It will affect their future planning and they may got depressed. Similarly, the admissions of higher education streams will be affected, because it may be difficult for the students to plan and choose their future streams.
For the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate students, this lockdown is like a path-breaker in their academics. They too got affected a lot due to this outbreak. Their lectures, site-visits, practical operations, thesis could not be practiced online, and also the internships got affected. For them, the further competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, State PSC, Judiciary got posponded and they will not get proper time to plan for these exams. This uneven and delayed sessions affect the operations and executive sectors also.
Since, having a long time with this outbreak, This is not confirmed yet when it will end. Earlier it was introduced as Epidemic, that affect a particular area widely and rapidly then it got updated to Pandemic, that affects the whole world very widely and rapidly. There is a chance of it being an endemic, which means, It will not be cured at all, we have to survive with it just like HIV-AIDS, Malaria, Chicken pox. We have to use prevention methods like using Mask, practice social distancing if not needed, using sanitisers, eat sanitised food etc.
We have to be aware of the deadliness of this virus and be ready to face it with all conservative methods.
So, It is all interconnected with the development of our country. If the education system got affected, all other sectors will get affected. The country will get slowed down after this outbreak. It is a great responsibility of each and every person to contribute in Nation-buliding with their heart. We have to be concerned about our basic service providers, small businessmen, farmers, as they have become a base to our country during this lockdown. We have to promote “Made in India” products, specially the small/local companies’ products to support them. If we will be united for our people, Everything will be alright and we, the INDIA will stand ahead in the World for all.
PREVENT Illness, not the Ill people! Please, CARE for them…
Thank you