Hey guys,

I’m here again with you on the prosperous day of our independence.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Independence Day🇮🇳

The whole world know that INDIA has gained its independence on 15th August, 1947 after a very long British rule. And, we celebrate this day with very much passion and love every year for 73 long years, but are we really independent?

Did you ever think on your own, Do you feel fully independent or its just a myth?

According to me, We are fully independent only in records, but not in reality.
We are still being slaved by a lot of things, lets take few examples;
Religion & Caste discrimination, Poverty, Old development ideas, Corruption, etc.
We are just engaged in these evils from early times, and we are not setting us free from these.

These are our path-stoppers in becoming an Independent & successful INDIA.

Yes, we are doing great in many sectors and fields, but lagging in a lot more sectors which directly affects our development.

Can you guess, why we use “has” with INDIA, but not “have”, Because INDIA is always been a singular, It denotes our unity, our singularity and our brotherhood.

As INDIA is always been a country of diversity, having a lot of variations in people on the basis of religion, status of living, thoughts, rituals and a lot more. This is not a shortcoming of INDIA, its just the beauty of INDIA, that despite having lots of variations or i say, Diversity in people, we are considered as a singular family called INDIA.

INDIA was always meant to be like this, But, some people use these variations to differentiate us and tell us that we are backwards, minority & we must fight with others to get power etc.

So guyss, we can think like this, wherever a group exists, there always been different strengths of people whose thoughts are same, a group must have a greater number, while another must have lesser number.

So, it is so obvious of having majority and minority in any group of people. But they made it like a topic to show us that we are different, someone is deprived while someone is privileged, because it helps them personally in gaining a faith of a particular community to him.

It is not a leadership, in my words, Its just a dirty manipulation against the unity of our country.

The real leadership is when one leads a group and help them raising their voice where they need, but here what we see, They first make us feel deprived, show some sympathy to us, gain our faith and then brainwash us to make us needy.
This is like a business for them, which build their career and make them more powerful.

The people who get affected by these, are not so much aware about the facts of INDIA, and society. They are a sort of innocent and subservient, who can be easily manipulated by some crook people.

Its our duty, the responsible Indians’ to not get manipulated against our unity & to hold all in a single thread of connection, INDIA.

We were singular, we are & we will be, Just United as an INDIAN.

Raising voice is a different thing, in fact it is a quality of Indian Democracy. But, Violence in the name of protests has become a popular act to do these days.

We have stucked in these few stuffs and not focusing on a country’s prospective. That’s because we expect a lot of things, but offer very little. If we want a change, we have to be it.
We should not just wait for the better opportunities coming to us, but grab and make an opportunity best for us.

We are INDIANS, we pledged to be united and together.

Stay Safe|Take Care|Keep smiling

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