Are Marks really important?


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So let’s talk about our today’s topic, this time was formerly defined as the time for summer vacation to end and the classes resume with full efficiency for the half yearly examination for all students after a long term of vacation.
But, this year everything changed, the examinations, vacation plans & the results.
Students upto 9th class seemed not lucky to get their actual report of the last class as the results, all have been promoted equally.
Also, the matriculation and intermediate results got delayed due to this pandemic and, in the july month the results are publishing. So many students are under a lot of pressure to get good marks, but what if they won’t get good marks, they may be depressed, and due to the fear of being scolded and shamed by parents, they even think of ending themselves and face anyone.
So, Are marks really important, even more than anyone’s life??
Let’s find it out in this blog.
This year, the 2020 has taught us many things that we were thinking wrong about, Like Weddings need a huge gatherings, Being at home daily is cool and enjoying, Results are really important.
Coming to the third thought, “Results are really important”, Is this true, and if so WHY?
I let you to answer this question in the end of this blog.
So, As we have seen that all the students except, 10th & 12th and final year of higher courses have been promoted to next class without exams.
It clearly shows that exams are just a process to judge you that you are worthy to go to the next class or not. It is definitely not a panel/platform to compete and being the best in it.
If you got more marks than other, it only means that You are just good at exams, That’s it!!
It not shows all your knowledge or skills, because knowledge is what you utilise for your daily needs and in your future plans.
So, if you just got passed, be Happy with it & if you get failed, then try hard next time because you got failed as you are not worthy to go to the next class. If you get promoted by other’s help, then you will get weaker and weaker in the next classes as well and you cannot be the best of you in your life. 
Some are good at exams, while some are good at Life
U decide, which one is you?
There is nothing to be desperate or depressed about being failed, its just your actions’ result, So you have to accept it. Never think that how can you face your parents or friends due to have less marks, Dude, You are way more important than the marks…
Just promise yourself that from that day, you will induce your performance, understand your faults & do your best to get knowledge and also to pass the exam.
Please do read my previous blog “Skills vs Marks“, to read more about the comparison between getting Skills & Marks.

Just gain knowledge, learn skills and then Go ahead, I bet you will conquer your dream for sure.

So, besides passing the exams, there lies a process of learning which is very important, but many of us forget to do. And the result is in front of us, We can see thousands of graduates and post graduates are searching for job, even at low salaries and posts.

No one can provide jobs to all those according to their academic certificates, because they have not the skills and knowledge for the higher posts. And, also we discussed about the unemployment and its solution in my previous blog. If you have not read till now, Read it here.
Everything of our future decides during our primary education in our school life. From there only, our character and future starts building with our acts and deeds.
If you not did right, this is not too late. So, start building you now for the better of youself.
Being late is not bad, but being wrong is!!
You must have read a phrase “जब जागो तभी सवेरा।।”. So, start building yourself today…
Now, I think you can answer the question in the title, “Are marks really important?”
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