What to focus – Positivity or Negativity

Everything has at least two ways of thinking or two aspects to think about:

Positive & Negative

Both are equally important to understand what exactly the whole meaning is, What is going on, What to do & How!!

If the positivity builds you and boosts you up, then negativity strenghtens your will, make you take decisions in worse situations, making you a pro in life, for sure.

So, Utilise everything according to the situation, sometimes the Positivity works, sometimes the Negativity does.
Just looking onto now-a-day’s situation, where you are hearing the negativity everywhere, and getting frightened, while some are taking it as bread-butter, they have a next level of positivity.

So, Which one to focus more for yourself because you have to make your mind, your will strong in this chaotic situation?

Let me help you with some data facts!!
These are not my data, but the actual live data from trusted source.

For those who are terrified, who are taking it as their last days, and taking so much pressure on mind, please calm down a bit my friend. Your strongest weapon against anything bad is your mind, keep it strong please.
Yes I know, In INDIA over 4 lacs 14 thousand people tested as COVID positive yesterday only, but over 3 lacs 28 thousand have recovered too, roughly calculated as approx 80% recovery rate is there!! Your stress do nothing but just weakens your body, So be positive a bit more, be strong, keep mental piece, let medicines and your body work internally to fight the disease.

For those who are taking it very lightly, and roaming around the markets, roads without any essential need because they haven’t got it yet, so
Let me clear you guys, around 4 thousand people have lost the fight against the disease only yesterday and till now over 2 lacs 34 thousand have died due to this.

So, just thing about it negatively that it might affect you and your loved ones. Don’t take risk with your lives.

Negativity is also important in limited dosage. So, Please do understand the seriousness & contribute all to get over this situation.