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Know Me.

I am a creative & well-skilled guy who is willing to learn and create new stuffs. I strongly believe in making my own world to serve others at a large scale.

I am a Blogger, certified Web designer, Part-time Youtuber and besides all these, I’m learning more and more to be the most of myself. Doing creative things and self learning are my strong passions.

In addition to following my passions, I have been employed as an “Front-End Developer” in a private firm where I am handling the Front-End development of Registration portals as well as Data management with SQL server, so I am a technical guy too.

I am a good thinker & like to do the things for benefitting the society at large.

Practice Makes everything Perfect

Self-made Web Designer.


Web designing is one of my passion projects. It has always been the most interesting thing for me to explore and learn. I am a self-made Web designer and i chose it because I know I’m just best at it.

I love designing and illustrating stuffs in a very creative way and i’m a tech guy too which helps me to develop it in a full-fledged manner.

Work Experience.

I am a newly originated and a young chap who has a lot of creativity rather than experiences.

But, It has been more than an year to me in web designing. And, in the time I focused on self-learning and evolution to develop my skills to the best of mine. I personally feel that Skills always matter more than our experiences.


As per my Educational Qualifications, I am a Physics graduate from Patna University. I did my Intermediate & Matriculation from CBSE Board.

And, I always keen to learn and explore more about the Science & Technology. I learnt html & css coding at my own with online sources and then implemented it to develop my skills to be a professional.

Develop Skills more than scores

My Skills.



Designing & creativity are something that are always inside me, I explored and developed it for my passion.



“Tech guy”, Yeah! you can characterize me like this. Always fond of exploring tech-facts to learn and share.



I like expressing and sharing my thoughts and words in order to expand it to all. Can communicate in English/Hindi.

more about me


Besides of my professional activities, I also do some extra stuffs in order to enjoy my life.

Let me share something with you…


I like travelling very much. From sudden plans and night-outs with my closed ones to planned vacations with family and friends, exploring new places capturing moments make me feel satisfied. A lot of dream destinations to explore.


I am really fond of capturing moments and preserving it to my collections. Capturing nature’s beauty, from sceneries to macro-photography and slow motions are my favourites.

IT Zone.

IT zone is my happy place, I can say.
From MS Office to SQL, Web designing to Front-end Development, I have always been with my PC & Laptop.


Music is like a relaxation pill for me. Everytime I feel stressed out or tired, I put in my earphones and relax a bit with my playlists. It pumps up my thoughts to the fullest. 

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