Why Farmers need Justice?

Hello guyss, I’m here again with you on a discussion of a very important topic on “The backbone of our country”, or I say the whole world.
Yeah, You got it right, I am talking about the Farmers, The backbone of a country’s economy, the primary content of development, etc.
They are our “feeders” who pump up the people and make them ready to do different activities which induces country’s development directly or indirectly.
But in addition of these, they are the most unprivileged ones of the society, as the society only consumes food, not make them.
Real efforts are at the fields, from nourishing seeds into crops, not in buying them from the market and cooking. And, this is a face of our society from earlier days.
Despite of having many rules and laws, they are still deprived of those privileges. And the most factual point is that, “the middle-man exploits them the most”.
Yes, They grow crops, but have not so much time to sell them in Mandis at their own, as they have to prepare their fields for the next season too in order to get capital/money to buy seeds for the next season and they can’t sell all their crops at once in Mandis. Neither they are much wealthy and powerful to have a place at Mandis and indulge in market.
So, The middle-man buy the crops from them at large scale, and they offer very less price as comparable to the market price, and there is no any way for a farmer other than selling all of the crops at once, as they need the money for the next season. And, that crops will be in mandis at higher cost.
It means, even if the prices are very much high at the market, as we witnesses sometimes, like Onion priced at Rs 100-120/kg, Potatoes at Rs 50/kg, Our farmers are not getting those money. All that money goes to the middle-man, and it not help farmers at all. In actual, it affects them badly, making them more deprived in the society.
Middle-man are those Vegetable stockers, companies or supermarket who deliver the veggies or fruits at you home, or in malls at a lower price than mandis and making themselves attractive with the discounts on purchasing stuffs like 5% discount on purchase of Rs 500 at once, type offers.
And, there is nothing bad in purchasing that, but at least think once, if you buy those stuffs from a vegetable seller at mandi for Rs 500, He could get at least an average livelihood, food to his children.
Isn’t it an irony, Those who generate crops/foods are lacking of it.
We have to ensure that, we should support small farmers and vendors, who sell their stuffs in mandis, rather than ordering veggies from a mart.
You will definitely get fresher veggies there, and yess free dhaniyaa too.
Hahah, I mean to say that ordering veggies from mart should be only done at urgency, when we cannot go out and visit mandis, but Supporting farmers and local vendors should be our priority.
And, if possible, we should not force heavy bargains to them.
I definitely not be in any loss if i buy potatoes at Rs 20/kg instead of Rs 19/kg, but maybe he loses a rupee per kg if I bargain too much.
So, we should try to support them even in small units, it will matter a lot to them.
The farmers are protesting against the farmer bill, it is their right to raise their voice. But political parties indulge in this too, and it then starts defaming our farmers’ peaceful protests.
I just want our government to take strict actions on those Vegetable stockers, who provide less prices to farmers and get their benefits on their own, which is the main reason of farmers’ problem.
The actions should be taken on ground level at a very important aspect, laws only on paper will not work now.
At Delhi Border, some are providing pizzas to them. But, i want to tell them, They are here only to have their rights, not tasty foods, so this is not a type of support, rather they can pledge to support them at market level. Providing pizzas could not be any way beneficial for them, but it might defame their efforts.
If you really want to contribute or support them, just do those things through which they can get be benefitted.
I prefer not bargaining too much from small vendors and buy veggies from local vendors, its my way of supporting them from my earliest time.
Please do comment your way of supporting the backbone of our country.
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If i have missed any point here, please add some from your knowledge.

Thanks for reading❤️
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Everyone wants fresh vegetables from the market at very low prices. They only try to save their own money. They don’t think the journey of that vegetables or crops. If we re-think that journey, we could make change.❤️

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